Full Review of Kamni Capsules

Women all over the world are known for their loving and romantic nature but they also suffer from low libido more than men due to various reasons including load of responsibilities of family and kids as well as aging etc.

Jumbled and inactive lifestyle, irregular diet, stress and poor pattern of sleeping are some of the other reasons that do not allow them to know when romance has gone away from their life as all of them affect their mental and physical health.

Low libido in women can also be caused due to certain health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and anaemia etc.

Overview of Kamni Capsules

In such condition there must be some product that can help in improving libido of women so that they can live their love and romantic life in a natural way. In order to enhance female sexual libido an herbal supplement, Kamni Capsules are specially developed as a most effective supplement that can handle the problem of female sexual frigidity competently.

The Kamni Capsules review provided in this write-up can help you in taking a well informed decision for including these capsules in your routine or not.

Ingredients in Kamni Capsules

The company producing Kamni Capsules has claimed to use herbal ingredients in this female libido enhancer supplement not only to improve their reproductive system but also to revitalise their mental and physical health along with recovering their passion for love and romance to normal condition.

The company has used several active ingredients in these capsules like Abhrak Bhasm, Ras Sindoor, Bang Bhasm, Lauh Bhasm and Nag Bhasm to tackle various health conditions of women. Digestive problems, inflammatory issues and problems in urinary tract can be treated with Ras Sindoor along with improving their immunity level. Abhrak Bhasm can work on infertility of women and men both. Bang Bhasm can treat general weakness with urinary problems. And rest of the elements in this libido enhancer can help in boosting your energy and libido level.

Though the company has produced this woman libido enhancer on the basis of the formula provided by Ayurved Research Foundation established in 2005 in India still you cannot rely on the quality of Kamni Capsules as the company is not a popular brand in the Indian supplement industry. They provide these capsules directly from their own website.

Working of Kamni Capsules

Kamni Capsules treat female frigidity and improve libido with the help of active ayurvedic ingredients included in it. Some of its ingredients also help in improving female reproductive health. But there is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of these ingredients on the sex drive and the reproductive system of the women is available till date.

Pros of Kamni Capsules

  • It enhances female sexual libido by using completely naturally active ingredients

  • Some of its ingredients can also help in boosting their energy level along with their sex drive

Cons of Kamni Capsules

  • No clinical proof about the working of this product is available

  • No money back guarantee is offered by the company

  • Complete information about its active ingredients is not available

  • Though company claims to provide a completely safe supplement still some of its users have reported for some side-effects.

  • It is not manufactured by a popular brand

  • It may not be effective for all the users

Suggestions to use Kamni Capsules

The company has suggested to take 1-2 capsules two times a day for at least 3-4 months to get maximum results. Though the company claims to use safest ingredients in this supplement still there is no solid evidence about their effectiveness.

Moreover the reviews of its previous users are also contradictory as some found it very effective whereas others experienced some side effects. So it can be risky to take a drug for long time without any scientific evidence of its effectiveness.


After going through the Kamni Capsules review provided in this write-up it can be concluded easily that it cannot be a reliable sexual libido enhancement product for women due to lack of evidences of the effectiveness of its ingredients. Most of the ingredients used in this supplement have certain side effects and hence cannot be said safe. The people who have used it until now have faced certain health problems like upset stomach. So you should consult your doctor while using Kamni capsules to treat women low libido.