Full Review of Intimate Response

There is no doubt that hormones play a very important role when it comes to the sexual or intimate relationship between two persons. In 40s or 50s, both women and men feel a dwindling passion or desire for an intimate time with their partners.

These changes are especially because of the change in hormone, emotional factors, circulatory status and intake of alcohol. So, the men and women start looking for various products that help them to have a better sex life with their partners.

One such product available in the market is Intimate Response that claims to provide a great sexual intimacy with your spouse or partner. But after a lot of trials and researching on customer’s satisfaction, it is evident that if you are using or thinking to use it then you need to think twice. Read on to know more about usage, quality of ingredients and side effects.


Overview Of Intimate Response

Intimate Response by Source Naturals is a product that claims to provide the best formula or solution to accentuate your sexual life with your partner. Naturally, the men and women in their 40s and 50s will very much lured by this idea. It also emphasize on the words like bio-active nutrients that are used in the formula to target the root cause of the problems. It claims to have a great formulation that can assist in proper blood circulation and hormonal balance.


Quality Of The Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients, though claimed to be natural, they are not completely natural. Many ingredients used in this medication is not natural herbs.

There are many chemical blocks and agents used to enhance the functionality of this medicine. Some of the ingredients used in this Intimate Response are:

  • L-Arginine: It is a chemical building block which acts like amino acid. This is used in many medicines for congestive heart failure, male infertility, high blood pressure etc.

  • Panax Ginseng: This is a spice that appears to be effective for enhancing the mood and immunity system. It can also help in increasing testosterone and improve erections, though not scientifically proved.

  • Gingko Extract: The next ingredient is a herb named Gingko which is considered to increase the blood flow and circulation. But Gingko leaf extract can potentially increase the chance of liver failure and thyroid cancer.

  • Pregnenolone: This is another ingredient used in Intimate Response which is an endogenous steroid. It can effectively cause anxiety, headache, facial hair growth and many more other steroid-like side effects.

  • Yohimbe: This is an African ancient herb often used to treat erectile dysfunctions. But over the time it has proved to have caused some major problems like stomach upset, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia and dizziness.

  • Dong Quai: This is an herbal tonic which is considered as ancient Chinese medicine for menopause symptoms. But taking this over a long period can possibly cause deadly disease like cancer.


Side Effects Of Intimate Response

When it comes to product safety, Intimate Response is not completely safe. Though there are benefits like proper flow and circulation of blood and improvement in erection, it has some major side effects too. These side effects are not simple ones that can be ignored easily. Some of the side effects are:


  • Liver failure

  • Increase in anxiety

  • Dizziness

  • Insomnia

  • Blurred vision

  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat

  • Facial hair growth in women

  • Tremendous loss of hair

  • Increased level of estrogen

  • Acne

  • Irritation and increase in aggressiveness


With all these side effects, it can have a very adverse impact on your body and health. Thus, it is always better to discontinue the product and ask for immediate physician advices.


Final Verdict

Though there are some positive benefits of this Intimate Response, there are some major side effects that can be hazardous for your health. Since the ingredients used in this product are not up to the mark and can cause some side effects, it is better to avoid the product or discontinue it if you are using.

This medicine is deadly for the ones who have a history of prostate enlargement or cancer and heart disease. If you are pregnant, avoid this medication at any cost. It can potentially increase the cholesterol level causing many heart problems and diseases. It can also have a very adverse effect on your health if taken with anti-depressant pills or medicines containing aspirin.